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A new rhyme

by | Apr 3, 2024 | General


A land far far away,

you hear that very often right?

 A land far far away where there just might:

be a dragon who is scared of heights,

or maybe a squirrel who likes to fly a kite,

 or a giraffe who is up for a fight….

Bla di bla di bla.

Why not start with something more new?

 Something you would usually not write?


Like…. Once upon a time….

Oh no please!

 Not that again,

 we’ve also heard that millions of times!

 Please something new,

 something that’s never been rhymed before,

 something that gives your imagination just a chime…

Of a world so bright…


Would you like to join a flight,

to a place – not in a land far far away,

 or once upon a time…


 this time it’s…

In twilight

in a small house…

 In the deep…

 Where a young girl is fast asleep…



Hi everyone! Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on my writing! :)


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