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Allys’ diary – Captured pt 3

by | May 6, 2024 | General

2102 September 23rd

I woke up this morning to the sound of screaming, yelling, and running. It was horrible. I immediately got up and looked around, but saw nothing. Everyone was sleeping peacefully. Like nothing ever happened… I probably just dreamt it… I hope.

Society is in trouble; not everyone can protect themselves from murder, of course! And most of them have not yet recovered from their injuries that happened last year when the NO9 attack happened. This is very worrying. Could this be the end?

2102 September 24th


I REALLY THINK WE HAVE A PROBLEM NOW!!!!!!! You see, we set off again this morning, and nobody else had gone missing, luckily, but we are going to enter even deeper into the marshes tomorrow. We are entering “the badlands.”  Nobody has ever dared to venture into “The Bad Lands,” probably because they were sensible. But we have absolutely no choice whatsoever. This could be the end of all of us. With every single step we take in the direction of the Bad Lands, I feel more and more scared.


Everyone is feeling worried for themselves and for their loved ones. Everyone knows that they are all in danger. They are 1. Not stupid, 2. It’s really hard to hide the fact that they are being followed by God knows what.


2102 September 25th


Food has been stolen from our stash. Our first night here in the Bad Lands was horrible! We lost over 50 people! And none of us understand how it happened because we had people stay awake the whole night to make sure nobody got harmed. But still… Death happened once again. We camped in an old factory in the marshes. Maybe they are invisible. Maybe they are fast, maybe they are stealthy, or maybe there are no mad people and people from our volk are just wandering off and getting lost in the marshes, or maybe the madness from the meteor has still not worn off. Either way, it’s bad. Very bad.


Everyone is in trouble, everyone is getting lost, everyone is in fear, and everything is in chaos. And there is something that Allie and the others have not noticed yet. The people that got lost… returned… But in a different way… They came back… As mad murderers, another murderer in the marshes.

2102 September 26th

I am terrified. Over a hundred murderers came to attack yesterday. We ran, we fled, and we are now hiding in a cave, hoping that everything will be fine and that nobody will find us. We only lost another five people today, but it is still too much. To much… To much. I hope this won’t be one of my last diary entries. I want to live.  Anxiety and panic are not things I lack right now.



Everything is looking grim for society. More and more people are going mad, and the deeper they go into The Bad Land, the more blood stains and bones they see and the more screams they hear. It’s a place of horrible things. Things are looking grim and bleak. I am saying it again, and I cannot say it enough times. The only thing they can do now is hide away and pray. And pray they shall…


2102 September 27th


HELP. We have been hidden away in the cave for a full 24 hours now, and we are all freezing; it’s super cold! We don’t know how long we will have to stay here because we don’t know. But either way, we have not lost anybody tonight; we might be safe in here, but not out there. Maybe it was a bad idea to leave, but maybe not. It’s dangerous either way; the only thing we can do now is hope and pray.


Cold winds are coming in from the front of the cave, and the firewood is also running out, so somebody will have to go out to get some more firewood, but nobody wants to and nobody dares. One alone is more fragile, but together they are more visible. It’s a big dilemma about who should go out.

2102 September 28th

We have made a decision to wait one more day, and after that, two people, one named Irela and one named Brenda, are going to go out to collect firewood. On the other hand, we have discovered a water source in the cave, an underground spring, so this is good.


Finding the underground spring was very good; now water won’t be a problem, and it can provide for everyone since they lost so many people over the past few days. There are only 85 people left.

2102 September 29th

Irela and Brenda left early this morning  but have not returned yet. It is evening by now, and collecting the wood should not take very long. I have decided to go out of the cave by myself to search for them because Brenda is my best friend. I have not told anyone about this. I will leave this night.

this night.

Brenda and Irela both did not return . The society would want to search for anyone who goes missing, but they can’t because they don’t have time, and it is too dangerous. But in the past, they would first go searching for them for up to 3 weeks, and if they were not found by then, they would get a proper funeral. But here, in the situation they are in, it does not give them the time to do that, and anyway, they are losing so many people that it would be impossible to make a funeral for all of them.

2102 September 30th

I am setting off, and I hope I will return.

Allie set off in the middle of the night just like she planned; it looks like nobody noticed. She set off out of the cave; it was really misty and creepy, but she stayed strong and went on to find her friends.

2102 October 1st

No diary entry

Allie survived the first day; she wonders if her family is worried about her or if they filter out the sadness by now…? She crossed the forest, and she is back in the marsh field. She thinks they went that way for wood because there are a lot of sticks in the fields, but surprisingly little in the forest.

2102 October 2nd 

No diary entry

Allie has survived up until now, luckily. But she has almost run out of water (she did not manage to get a lot of water when she left).

2102 October 3rd

Diary entry from Peace of Bark:

I am so scared, and I have found no signs of human life yet. and I am running out of supplies. I might have to head back, but I did come across an abandoned tent; it was probably left there a few weeks ago. I looked inside to see if there was anything I could take with me, but I found nothing but old, ripped and torn, dusty, and damp blankets. They wouldn’t help me, I expected.

So, this does prove that there might have been somebody else here some time ago, apart from them and, of course, the mad murderers of whatever they are.

2102 October 4th

No diary entry

2102 October 5th

No diary entry

2102 October 6th

No diary entry

2102 October 7th

No diary entry

2102 October 8th

No diary entry


Allie has been captured by the people of the HLSMPO.

The Honorable Legal Services of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Others


2102, October 9th

Allie knows that the HLSMPO are dangerous, but she has no idea why they caught her or why they were here in the mad marshes. She has no idea. The only thing she knows is that they shot her with a sleeping pill and then probably dragged her to the place she is now. some kind of base, Allie suspects it is an underground base…



2102, October 10

No diary entry


2102, October 11

Allie had been brought to a white room.


“Allie, welcome. In the white room, I have a few questions for you. Please answer every single one of them truthfully; it will be to your benefit.”

“What do you want from me?”

“Only the truth.”

“I will not tell you anything!”

“Oh, trust me, you will.”

He said that, and he pointed a pistol at her.

“A little bit of H23 (a substance that makes you go mental for up to 1 week) will convince you, won’t it?”

Allie gulped. She better not risk it.

“Now, let’s resume.”

“I have heard that society has discovered a lot of creatures lurking in that little forest of yours.”

So that’s what it is, she thought to herself. They want to capture those creatures!

“I won’t betray Mother Nature’s greatest treasures.”

“And so you won’t say anything?”

The man said he was looking at her with his cold gray eyes.

“No, indeed, I won’t.”

She said it stubbornly.

“Alright then.”

And with that, he pressed the trigger, and after that, everything went black. At some point, she felt a sharp pain somewhere, but she had no idea where. But that was all; the rest was just dark.

Until she awakened somewhere, in a room filled with robots…









And that was the last thing Allie heard for a long time.


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