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Dingding poem

by | Sep 4, 2023 | General

Hi, welcome to the magical Dingding world…

 First you can dive into a little poem where you learn a little about the Dingdings and their daily whereabouts and what they like to occupy themselves with during the day.

There is also a map you can explore after reading the poem, with little fun facts and images you can look at! 


from: A Dingding spotter


In the deep woods in a bluebell bloom,

there the Dingding’s stand on their big flappy feet,

they never cry in defeat,

here is what it eats;


On lily-pads it munches,

but do you think that’s all it crunches?

They like the smell of bluebell,

that brings them on a sweet carrousel.


Also, after stuffing their tummies full with dandelion,

they love to have a lie in,

especially washed down with a good ol’ bowl o’ stew,

that’s when their tummies are full.


You are not likely to see a Dingding drink,

they only sip a dewdrop so it’s over in a blink,

and at midnight on a full moon you may witness a magical and special event,

then they float up to a special tree-top tent where they sip dew drops for only a cent!


This rare and precious celebration happens only once a year,

and it’s whispered that it’s never been witnessed by a human being, my dear…

So don’t keep your hopes up but keep your fingers crossed,

one day you might just catch a glimpse of a Dingding, especially when you are hopelessly lost.

~ Dingding world map ~

Hover over the map to zoom in on places!

Golden Forest

The Dingding's favourite season is probably autumn beause it's the ideal tempreture for them. They usually pick forests to inhabit that have bluebells and a stream running threw.


Crystal mountains and river

They always have to have a huge river running threw two large mountain areas. Why? Ask them! So if you do happen to spot one make sure to ask!


Drying Lilly pads

One of the Dingding"s favourite treat is dried lilly pads!


the Color Meadow

The Dingding's always HAVE to have a flower meadow near their forest so that they can wake up, wash there face and paws and immediately after that head staraight to the flower meadow and have a nice flowery breakfast. I'm starting to geuss why they are so rare...


The Lilly Pond

They always HAVE to have a lilly pond nearby. AT ALL TIMES. So that they can take a refreshing dip and or to get a nice tasty snack.


The Crusty Village

The Dingding's also always like to have a little village nearby ( preferably 10-20 kilometers away) so that they can steal some stuff from there ( for example dried grass and cheese)


Hi everyone! Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on my writing! :)


  1. Radost Petrova

    I love the way the words are picked out and the idea of the whole story!! So cute to think of the Dingdings and love the endingding:)

    • Sanna

      Thank you so much! I also really like how the dingdings look. Did you know there are many species of DingDings? The picture up above show the most common species but there are over 5 tipes of Dingding species! ( Some even live in old sheds or barns. That species eats grass. So, keep a lookout and you might just spot a dingding eating you’re dried grass!)

  2. Simon

    Very nice poem and I really want to meet a Dingding now, so I guess best get lost in the woods somewhere ;-)

    • Sanna

      Yes, if you want to see a Dingding getting lost in the woods would be the best option. But, be careful they can be quite… “Territorial”…


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