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Mirenda a good day (totaly)

by | Jun 13, 2024 | General

Mirenda woke up gently on a summer morning. She looked around and saw her cat, Trompie, laying at her feet, purring loudly. She heard the bird song from outside the window and smiled. I think this is going to be a good day. Ooooooooooooooh, shooooooooooiiiiit, never mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of a sudden, a swarm of antler bees flew inside her room through the open window! Trompie’s purring turned into growling, and Miranda’s smile turned into a look of horror. They both quickly ran out of the room, but not before getting a few good hits from the antler bees! She quickly put lemon grass and jelly on her and her cat’s wounds.

“Ugh, it’s seriously never boring here!” She said it in an angry voice.

After that, she went to brush her teeth and make breakfast for Trompie (a salmon and dancing potato smoothie), and for herself (a techno fruit bowl).

And then she got her bag and left for the Shine Salon. This time she was not late, so Mr. Bear had nothing to complain about, so he decided to start complaining about the fact that she was a perfectionist and she should not come early every time, so he still had something to complain about. sigh…

She got to work on telling a fish that it did not need a haircut and telling another hairy mammoth that it would cost her at least $1,000 to get her hair untangled and to dye it yellow.


The hairy mammoth was very disgruntled and stampeded out the door, breaking the door and the wall. Now, of course, Mr. Bear definitely did have something to complain about, which seemed to please him a lot. Even though he was supposed to be angry, Mirenda could not help but notice the secret little smirk he had on his face.


Mirenda rolled her eyes. It was never boring at the Shine Salon, of course. Although later, after a 1-hour-long lecture from Mr. Bear, her work was a little easier, for a bit.


Because, for a bit, she only got a golden holy fox that wanted a bob and a bumble bee that wanted its hair curled. Then there was a hairy snake that wanted to get the hair cut away from its eyes because it was hard to see. This became very obvious when he crashed right into the wall when he came in.


But then…


Mrs. Fluflu came.


That’s right, the talkative goblin neighbor. Mirenda sighed.


She vaguely remembered last night that Mrs. Fluflu had said something about coming to the Shine Salon tomorrow. And, of course, Mrs. Fluflu was told to sit in the chair where Mirenda was because Mirenda was very good with “wild hair.” Mirenda sighed, and of course Mrs. Fluflu would not stop talking until Mr. Bear had to order her to leave. And so he had even more to complain about, of course. After work, Mirenda had an appointment with one of her friends, a small elf (not a devil elf).

They went to the coffee shop to buy “poop coffee that makes you poop.” Mirenda ordered a smiling chili croissant, and the little elf was named Tickles, by the way. Tickles ordered the Cream Lillie Pond chocolate raspberry cream soup, but it tickled her mouth, so she could not eat it.


Then she attempted to drink some hot ice water, but that also tickled her mouth, so she accidentally spat it all over Mirenda. Great.


After freshening up with some mint water, they could resume talking about flying pizzas and how annoying it was when a hairy mammoth asked you to do their hair for them (they were both hairdressers). A few hours later, they both departed from the “poop café, the café that makes you poop,” said goodbye, and promised to meet next week, but this time at the “Pee Pizzaria, the pizza that makes you pee.”


Tickles hoped that at this place the food would not tickle her. Mirenda walked back home, and the second she entered the house, Trompie was there, demanding food.


“Of course”, Mirenda sighed and made him a rainbow crab cake before making her own dinner (leftover green raspberry soup). After that, she decided to check if her favorite channel was finally available to watch again.  She watched an episode of The Devil Elves’ Secret.


When she was about to get up to wash her plate, she heard a strange sound, like somebody was walking up the stairs.


Worried that it was a devil elf or a wrath rat, she quickly grabbed her anti-everything spray and slowly tiptoed towards the stairs. She saw a shadow at the bottom of the stairs, and then all of a sudden it ran up the stairs, pouncing at her!!!!!!!!!!!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH she yelled and sprayed the anti everything spray all over the figure!!! Ahhhh, the figure yelled, What did you do that for??? And it was then that Mirenda noticed it was a human voice, and once she looked around a bit, she noticed it was a boy about her age. He had brown hair and beautiful green eyes.


“What are you doing in my house???” Mirenda yelled. “There was a pack of devil elves chasing me.” “What devil elves? Did they see where you went, are they following you??” “I’m not sure,…” But before he could finish his sentence, Mirenda screamed! “Look there they are!”


And certainly there they were—a huge pack of devil elves (about 15 of them). “Why didn’t you lock the door??” Mirenda said. “Well, how am I supposed to know how to lock your door??????”“ Mirenda quickly lunged towards the door and threw it close just before the first devil elf was about to enter the room. Mirenda quickly locked the door. “Phew, that was close!” the boy said. “erm… yeah.” Mirenda said…. (This is really awkward.)


“What’s your name?” the boy asked.

“Mirenda,” Mirenda said.

“Oh, that’s a nice name; my teacher back in Broadway, Unicorn Town (the neighboring town), is called Mirenda!”


“What’s your name?” Mirenda asked. “Sam,” he said.

“Oh, right.”
“So, erm, yeah.”
“Nice… erm house…”
“yeah… thanks… “
“Well, it doesn’t look like the devil elves will leave anytime soon, so…”
“Shall I make some… er… tea?”
“Erm, that would be nice.”
“What kind of tea do you like?”
“Eh… Erm…”
“It does not really matter.”
“Ah… right… okay… great”
“I’ll just go make some tea then.”
“Is that good?”
“Yes,yes sorry…”
“Alright… no problem…   be right back. Erm”
“Right.. great.”
“Should I come help you or…”
“No, it’s fine.”
“Soo… Erm, yeah, okay.”
“Yeah great… Erm.. Be right back.”
“Right… so yeah…great”
“Okay, erm, be right back then.”
“Yhea…erm, okay, great.”

And so, after a very long and unconfortable moment of silence followed by a few more errs, and ehmm’s, Mirenda hurried off to the kitchen to make tea (but not before tripping over Trompie, who was laying on the ground snoozing).


Trompie was not pleased, and neither was Mirenda. Mirenda made some tea for them and produced some ginger and lemonade cookies.

Sam thanked her politely, but not without a few more Errs and Yeah’s. Then Trompie laid down on Sam’s lap, and he seemed delighted.


He stroked the big cat in awe. “Wow, I have never seen such a beautiful Erectus simplepusspineoflyer cat before!” He said. “It’s very rare for such cats to have a grey or purple color; most of them are orange or green.”


“Yes, he is very rare.” She said. “You seem to know a lot about this.”


“Haha, yes, I am quite a nerd when it comes to flying cats!” He grins. Mirenda smiles. Sam smiles back. They sit there for a while awkwardly, sipping their tea and eating some of the biscuits.

After some time, Trompie decided he had had enough of laying on this human’s lap and left to go search for some tidbits in the kitchen (he didn’t find anything to his annoyance).


A little while later, Mirenda got up and looked out the window. ”I think the devil elves are bugging off now, she said. Sam got up and looked out the window as well. “Yes, it seems so.”
“Well, I will head off. Thank you very much for your hospitality, and I’m sorry to bother you.” And with that, he left.

“Well, that was something, wasn’t it?” she said to Trompie. He purred in agreement.
Later, she went to bed as it was getting late and she was absolutely exhausted after today’s events.

But around 3:30am, she woke up again because of a weird noise. What could it be? She slowly got up, looking around the dimly lit room, but saw nothing, and just as she was about to go to sleep again, she heard it again.


It was like low screeching.


She got up again in shock and turned on the light. It was then that she saw it. It was a creepy thing that Trompie had caught, and it exploded right in front of her. They do that if they feel threatened. So she had to spend the rest of the night cleaning the creepy guts off the walls, floors, and bed. And at 5:30am, she finally flopped back into bed, completely exhausted, and then 30 minutes later, her alarm went off.


Thank you for your hospitality; you will be repaid one day.

This is where the story starts…

Stay tuned for part one of The Raging Wind Bring Treasure!

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