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Mirenda – just a Normal Day – part 1

by | Nov 10, 2023 | General

The following is a normal day for Mirenda. Well… There were not really “ normal days” for her but she had no appointment with the Night Dragon or a gala at the “ Slime Style Gala” so… Probably it would be fine… ( But like I said, there were no normal days for Mirenda).

Mirenda woke up early and she had no idea why… A little disgruntled she looked at the clock, it said 5:30AM so she would have to get up soon anyway…

She also felt a little nervous because around this time the Devil Elves usually went on the prowl…

“Ugh!” “I can’t sleep anymore anyway and I better just check if I locked all the doors…”  And, of course, the second she stepped out of bed immediately she screamed out!

One of the Devil Elves had been lurking under her bed waiting for her to step out! The Devil Elf tied her legs and hands together and then it cackled that it chuckled that it grinned and said: “Hiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!” “Now you wait here until somebody frees you!” “Haaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!”

“Ugh you little rascal!” She said shaking her fist at the dark- eyed, light-green-skinned creature. 

But she wasn’t very worried. She knew her flying cat Trompie would soon come into her room asking why she had not given him any food yet. She sighed… “What am I going to do now?” I’m pretty sure I can’t fall asleep again….”

“Although, maybe if I stretch my hand out to the furthest of lengths I can JUST reach that book about how to groom Dandelion cats…”

She did her best and… She could JUST reach the book!

“But… Oh yeah how should I open it…” “ Well that was all for nothing then.” She grumbled.

“Well the only thing I can do then is to just wait until Trompie get’s hungry I suppose…” And so, just like Mirenda predicted half an hour later Trompie came flying into the room in complete rage.

“Mirendaaaaa where is my food?!” “You where supposed to give it to me 30 seconds ago!” “ Don’t you remember we had a talk about being late for duties?!”  

“Well…” “Sorry Trompie, but as you can see a Devil Elf tied me with rope!” “Oh, right…” “Well what am I supposed to do about that?!” he purred arrogantly.

“Um, untie me of course, then I can get you your breakfast.” “Fine.” After Trompie untied her she gave him a little more food than usual ( Trompie had demanded extra food because she was late with feeding him.)

After all that she herself felt quite hungry, so she made herself some jumping pancakes and sat down to eat them ( if you are wondering how you eat jumping pancakes, you them with a special “ jumping pancake lasso”).  

But the second she sat down to eat them a Light Firework Bread Cha-bird pooped on her pancakes! “Ugh!” “ Seriously!?” She shouted at the bird who was sitting on the branch above her table chacking gleefully.

”Then just a rainbow fruit bowl I suppose.” She sighed… After that she set off to work and ( luckily) did not run into Mrs FluFlu her talkative Goblin neighbor for she was running late.

After reaching the “Shine Salon” she got into her work clothes and just as she was about to go to her first costumer her boss Mr bear came up to her and grumbled: “ You’re late!” “Well sorry Mr Bear but…”  And so she told him about her unlucky morning.

“I have nothing to do with that.” “You should not be late and that is that.” “If this happens again….” He said threateningly. But she had no time to feel sorry for herself because a cat wanted her hair painted blue.

After three hours of work she finally had a break. She decided to use that break to go to the “Devil proof shop” and get some extra anti Devil Elf stuff. As she reached the shop she saw that a poster had been hung on the shop window and it read…



Are you ready for this one in a lifetime event where Carol the Rabbit will come here at Mali Town Forest and he will perform live!!! FOR ONLY 20 PINK CARROTS!!!!!!!

“OMG Carol Rabbitson is coming here?!”  “I can’t miss that!” And so, instead of going to the Devil proof shop she went to the “ Carrot à la all tastes” and bought 20 pink carrots. And after that it was time to go back to her work.

After she had finished work, she felt relieved but tired (she had TWO hairy mammoths coming for an appointment that day.)

She decided to stop by the Devil Proof Shop even though she was really tired. At the shop she bought some anti-devil light and two extra anti-devil smells (caramel).

When she got home she sat down on the couch and put on the TV but just when she got to her favorite channel it wrote: “please wait, a group of Flying Muskus Rats have overtaken the TV station and we must first remove all their spit nests.”

“Ugh!” “Seriously?!”  “That can take a while…” “I suppose I’ll just go make some dinner first then.” “Hmmmm what shall I make today?” ‘I think I will make some green raspberry soup.”

But after putting it on the stove it started smelling really bad. “Oh no!”  “I added pink raspberries instead of green ones!” ‘Now it will become really gross!” “I mean who eats PINK raspberries?”  So, after throwing away the pink raspberry soup  (and almost projectile vomiting in her dust bin) she put some tickling pizza in the oven.

But when she put that in the oven the oven started laughing! It’s was being tickled by the tickling pizza and this way it could not work! So, after taking out the tickling pizza she just made herself a sandwich with crab gravy and luckily that worked because otherwise….

After that she sat down on the couch and started reading in her favorite book: “ How to ride wobbling camels.” Some time later she checked the clock and… “OMG it’s already 11:00 PM?!” “Gosh I should get to bed!”

But after brushing her teeth when she entered her room… Her neighbor Mrs Fluflu was there!! “Mrs Fluflu what are you doing here?” “And at this time of evening too?!”

“Oh, I just always like to have a little chat with my neighbors!” “Now, don’t just stand there!” “Go make some tea!” “Then we can have a nice short conversation.”

“Oh no!” if Mrs Fluflu said: “ a short conversation” it usually meant sitting there listening to her babbling on for 10 hours. But she could hardly say no because Mrs Fluflu had a wicked temper if somebody did not want to listen to her talking about god-knows-what (although nobody really DID want to listen but, you know… they didn’t REALLY have a choice…).

After she had made tea for the two of them the babbling started (on Mrs Fluflu’s side).

1 Hour later…

So as you see that is why it is important to always walk on the left side of the road because you don’t want to end up like Rosie of course and…. Bla bla bla

4 Hours later…

“And so then I was like: Go girl.” “And at that moment I knew I had gone into that kind of slang and at my age too”… blab la blab la bla

6 Hours later…

And so you see that is how I got this cherry lipstick…

In a short pause, when Mrs Fluflu had to take a breath or she would pass out, Mirenda took her chance and said:

“Ahem!” “Mrs Fluflu why don’t we meet again tomorrow or something?” “You see it’s getting quite late and…”

“Oh no I can’t make it tomorrow because I have a hair appointment at the Shine Salon and you know how long that always takes for me with this long curly and messy gray hair!”

“Hey don’t you work at the Shine Salon?” “Ha!” “So you see we will anyway probably see each other again tomorrow!”… Blab ala bla…”

10 Hours later…

And that is how I found out what my favourite color is through that horoscope and zigi zag blab la doggi show pow  blabla…

11 Hours later…


“Well, I should probably go now because I have things to do, you know.” “You talk a lot Mirenda!”

Zzzzzz…” Huh…?” “Oh what yeah sure I agree see you tomorrow….Zzzzz”

And then Mrs Fluflu left and went into her cabin in the ground and Mirenda fell asleep on the couch, completely exhausted. While she was completely passed out Trompie silently walked up to her and curled up in her lap.

Hi everyone! Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on my writing! :)


  1. Radost Petrova

    Love the way the story goes and I could really imagine Mirenda and mrs FluFlu !

    Hope for part to soon !

    • Sanna

      Great, I’m happy you enjoy the story, Part two of Mirenda Will come!


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