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Some poems about the sea, and you and me

by | Apr 2, 2024 | General

I, as the sea waves clash against the sand,
watch the water twirl and spin. 
It all seems so surreal, sometimes it feels just like a dream.
The water is ever so blue, but not aquamarine.
No, this is a different blue; it reminds me of you.
You with the cobalt blue eyes and the smile of red poppies that dance on the wind in the golden dunes, the dunes are the color of when you shine.



The sand, golden, the grass, green, the sky blue, but not always, but is when I’m here with you, the waves foamy and white sometimes big sometimes small. But what does it matter at all when I’m here with you? then it does not matter if the waves are gray or baby blue. As long as I am here with you.

I saw a tortoise walking in the dunes; it was walking amongst the seaside flowers, and the colors reminded me of you. 
Remember that time we sat in the dunes watching the ruby-red poppies dance in the salty sea air?
I had remarked that day that your cheeks looked like the red of the poppies before time tore us away.




Sometimes I think to myself as I watch the waves roll across the shore, Would you still think about me sometimes? Do I still exist for you? I wish I could forget the things you said, but they are always in my mind just like the ambient noise of the sea, something that will never disappear. Even if I try, even if I flee.



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