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The Boy and the Writer pt 2

by | Feb 26, 2024 | General

Tamal woke up, and immediately all his senses were wide awake!
Does that sound like a good first line to you?
Hmmm, it doesn’t, does it? …
What about this?
He woke up more abruptly than usual; a rush of adrenaline sped through his body as he heard his mom scream and smelled the smoke crawling up his nostrils like a spider!

He immediately jumped out of bed and looked around. Where was his cat, Miss Cyril? He saw her sitting at the window, meowing noisily! His room was not yet on fire, but he knew it was a matter of seconds. He quickly tried to make a rope out of his bed sheets, but it proved to not be as easy as it seemed in the stories he read.

Yeah, mate, life is tough. I mean, it is a story, but… It’s complicated, OK? If things are easy, then it’s a boring story, everybody knows that!

He started chocking on the smoke, and he felt it get hotter and hotter in his room. Any time now, the flames would break through the door. And that is going to happen….. Now.

The fire burst through the door, and red and orange flames quickly spread through the room! Tamal had no time to waste, so he grabbed his cat, Miss Cheryl, and jumped out the window.

Now that was a bad idea, buddy… A bad, bad idea… Did you not realize that your house is 5 meters high? Ugh, for crab sake! But this is kind of what I wanted, I suppose.


And… time skip!


3 hours later…

He woke up again in a strange room with bright white lights, and people walking around. This time he did not wake up as fast as last time, for he had a sharp pain in his head, which made him drowsy, and the only things on his mind were flames dancing the Macarena and green cats jumping out of airplanes.


Yeah, guys, he is not in the best of shape… So that means he’s boring! So let’s move on to his mom because some of you may be wondering what happened to her.


Well, guess what? I decided that having his house burned down, being homeless, and getting a head concussion was enough drama for today, so she is alive.

But guess what? She is also kind of boring. I mean, she’s just sitting on a chair, staring into space. Bruh, what idiot does that? I mean, it’s not like her house burned down! I mean… Anyway


Time for another time skip… to… 4 hours in the future

Tamal had finally woken up fully and could again think straight, and he had by now puzzled out that he was in the hospital and that his house had burned down. And that’s pretty much it.


Oh also, quick thing, don’t worry, the cat is fine. I know that’s the only thing you are actually worried about, and I decided the cat is a bit too cute to let it die, so you don’t have to worry about that; I only gave it a broken leg. What? Why are you staring at me like that, or better yet, at the letters? Be happy; it’s still alive, OK?! There were many way worse things that could have happened to it, trust me.

And his mom, who is called Mrs. Lari, by the way, finally kind of got out of her trance.

Anyway, Tamal got up from his hospital bed to search for his mom to ask what the halleluya happened.


He does find her, and she is very relieved to see that he is okay, and they hug and blah blah blah. And this actually makes me wonder why she never went to see him by herself. Let me check my script… Oh, of course, her leg! Yeah. The cat is not the only one with a broken leg guys! 

And then she tells him the horrible news about the house, the hospital bill, and stuff.

Anyway, moving on to a few days, Tamal is almost back to normal, and the cat has been discharged from the hospital. Wait hospital? Err, I mean vet. Anyway, I am getting bored of just sitting around in the hospital, so let’s do like they also get discharged from the hospital, and now they are just on the street, with no home, no money, a mom with a broken leg , and no idea what to do. They decide to go to their now-burned-down house to see what happened to it, and if there is anything remaining. There isn’t.

Tough luck. They look around the debris, but the only things they can find are ashes and half-burned pieces of wood, and guess what? They do not have insurance either.

I totally did not have all this planned, by the way.

So, defeated and lost, they started walking down the road with no plan for what to do next. But I do have a plan. As they were walking, Tamal slipped his hand in his mom’s and said, “I’m sorry, mom.” “F-for what?” Mrs. Lari’s voice replied, and it was then that Tamal noticed she was crying. “For what happened,” Tamal said. Aww, he’s not that cold after all. “It’s okay, honey; you can do anything about it.” And Tamal knew this was true, but he could not help but feel guilty. He glanced down at the empty cat carrier. He immediately felt a surge of sadness rush through him. He had to leave Miss Cyril at the animal shelter because, since they were now homeless, they were not able to keep her. This had hurt Tamal more than the house burning down—even more than seeing his mom cry like that. I know… Pretty sad… Oh, come on; don’t start looking at me with that sad expression on your face. I’m going to start to feel like an evil writer!

It’s just my work! Okay! And… fiuehf0wiejr094wu5y7824594hrgiubrawio8eyrmn paw;#############hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaleelooooyhaaaaaaa%%^&*((@@$#pinkuninicorns#gooooooooooo49035889348fhiuhfiohfoishonkdidyouknowthatchinkensbythewheattthahahahurwhiuwhr948509368046049678888888888800-489327598teugoidrilikepeanutbutterwithavocadosandialwayscrywheniseecatswearinganykindofh

Oh sorry, writers glitch! Happens to the best of us!

Ahem, Let me just fix that up real quick… Comma duration… #catsandhalleluya…47374

Okay done!

Anyway let’s continue.

After walking on a little, Mrs. Lari said, we better go to the bus stop and go to Hamseworther. Your rich aunt, my sister Caroline, lives there; she’s very wealthy. Maybe she can help us. And so they took the bus with the last of their money to Hamseworhter. And after a few hours they reached Hamseworther, and after some walking (1 hour of walking!) They reached the “Rich aunt’s” house. Well, house, this is a shack! Ugh, SIG (Story Image Generator). Change it to a mansion with a fancy smackass gate!

“A mansion with a fancy smackass gate appears.”Ah, that’s better!

 They rang the fancy doorbell, and about half a minute later, a maid opened the door. “Hello, how may I help you?” she said with an annoyingly polite voice. “Hello, we are here for Caroline; I’m her sister, Mrs. Lari.” Hmm, okay, I’ll telephone her to see if she will permit you.” Mrs. Lari sighed. 

A few seconds later, the woman smiled and said, “You may enter after getting a checkup.” “What do you mean by a checkup?” A checkup to see if you are not carrying any weapons or objects that may threaten Mrs. Orion. Mrs. Lari rolled her eyes but nodded.

“Come on, Tamal,” she said.

Damn a check-up!

 This is fancy!

The maid led them to a little outbuilding that looked ten times fancier than their house or what was there house… They entered the building. They were led to a room with white walls and an X-ray machine. “Please lay down on this table so we can scan you”, said a man wearing a super clean, white vest.

The man then removed a few coins from Tamal’s pockets and a bead that had caused all the lights to flash red and block them from doing anything else until the object had been found.

So after all that drama they were allowed to finally enter the “place.”

The maid led them to the big door and into a huge hallway where there were chandeliers as big as the bathroom they had before I came to interfere! They were led to a huge sitting room, and there was Mrs. Orion. “Oh, hello, darlings!” She said it with a posh voice. “My, oh my, I have not seen you guys in years!” “How much you’ve grown!”

Mrs. Orion invited them for tea, and my, oh my, what a splendid tea it was. There were literally gold-tipped cupcakes!

After some time, Mrs. Lari said, “Ahem, sis, I was wondering if you see, um, our house burned down and we kind of lost everything, and we were wondering if we could somehow stay here or if you could lend us some money since you guys are so well off.”

But guess what, Mrs. Orion was a… how do I say this politely? A female dog?

“Darling, I am so sorry to hear about your house but I can’t do that, don’t you know how that would affect my reputation? I mean, I’m sorry to say it, but I am quite a few levels above you.”

“What do you mean?” Said Mrs. Lari

“I’m sure you can figure something out, darling.”

She said it in a catty voice.

“And by the way, I know a place that would suit you guys way better than our house.”

She said it with a smile.


“The home for the homeless; admission is free, and I think it would suit you guys way better.”

“What do you mean?!”

Mrs. Lari said it angrily.

“What I mean is that I won’t take you guys as some stupid charity, and it was your own fault that you’re house burned down or whatever; if you had actually gotten a real job or tried a little harder in life, you might have been able to pay for insurance and your own kid! It’s not my problem.”

“Janet, escort them outside, please.”

Mrs. Orion said.

Well cat dung! What will happen next? Only I know that… (Actually I don’t even know what is going to happen it just sounds cool and mysterious if I say that I do.)




Hi everyone! Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on my writing! :)

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  1. Radost

    Cant wait for pt 3! I love that there is some humor in the story <3


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