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The raging wind brings treasure- Introduction

by | Jun 6, 2024 | General

The wind raged so much that it howled, and Irisa ran inside right before the storm completely broke, whipping up outdoor chairs and ripping trees off their roots. Phew, that was a close call! She quickly took off her wet clothes and threw on her bathrobe before making herself a cup of tea. It was now that she only realized how lucky it was that she had decided to leave the cats in today. Just as she sat down to watch the howling storm, getting absolutely terrified because a huge branch smashed against her window, she heard someone bang on the door. “Who could be so foolish to be out now?” Quickly, she ran to the door and opened it. In the doorway stood a man, a little bit older than her, with messy hair and an unruly beard. He had a scar running  across his eye and beautiful  brown eyes. “Quickly come in!” Irisa said, opening the door further. He stumbled inside and thanked her. Irisa offered him some old working clothes from her brothers, as he was completely drenched to the bone. He thanked her politely and went to change. After that, she gave him some elderflower tea. “What are you doing out there in the rain?” she said. “I was out at sea; I am the captain of the Elenor; it’s a trade ship; we sail through the deep blue and the twighlight sea. But we had to come here because of the weather, and then I got lost in the dunes here.” “Oh, okay, that’s cool.” Irisa said. “Well, no, it’s not cool, actually, because now we will be late and the people in Bokar might not be willing to trade with us anymore.” he said.   He was looking a little annoyed. “Oh, okay, sorry about that.” “But honestly, I think you should be happy that you’re still alive.” “What do you mean?” he said. “Well, the storms here are very dangerous; your ship would have been lost to the waves for sure if you hadn’t made the decision to go to the harbor.” Irisa said.

“I have seen worse storms.” He said. “You have seen worse storms on shore, but out at sea, it is a lot worse.” “What is your name anyway?” “Aquilo.” “And yours?” he asked. “Mine’s Irisa.” She said. “Well, can I offer you some warm soup?” “You must be chilled to the core.” “Yeah, please, that would be nice, actually.” Irisa smiled and then left for the kitchen. She had some soup left from lunch, so she heated it up and then poured the stew into two bowls. She handed one to him, which he took with shaking hands, and they both ate hungrily. Irisa looked into his eyes; he had such beautiful eyes. She thought to herself, but she quickly snapped out of it when she realized what she was doing. Luckily, he hadn’t noticed her staring at him like he was a bedazzled honey cake. She quickly decided to focus on her stew. A few minutes later, they finished their food, and he thanked  her. The wind kept howling outside. And it didn’t seem like it was going to stop anytime soon. As it was getting dark, Irisa offered him a spare room for tonight. “Please, I can’t do that; I have already used up enough of your time.” “You certainly can’t go out in the raging storm now.” Irisa said it firmly. “Well, if you insist, I suppose…” He said it with a sigh. But Irisa knew he was beyond grateful; any fool could see that if you stepped out in this storm, you would be picked up by the wind and thrown somewhere in the middle of the twighlight sea. She went to get the room ready, and when she came back, she was surprised to see Nighttime, one of the cats, the shyest of all, laying on his lap, supposedly asleep. “How did you do that?” she laughed. “I dunno, cats tend to like me.” He said. “Nighttime usually doesn’t let anybody except for me touch him, let alone lay down on a lap!” He didn’t say anything. A few more minutes went by as the rain clattered on the window. A little while later, I also sat down. He looked up at me for a moment and then  turned his attention back to the sleeping cat on his lap. We sat there for a while, and I picked up a book. It was called the Taimer. I read for a bit, and he just kept on stroking the cat, staring out the window into the storm. After a while, he said, “Thank you so much for your kindness. I think I shall go to bed now.” Some while later Irisa also got to bed with three cats at her heels.

The next morning, Irisa got up, and she was surprised to see a note left on the counter.

Thank you for your hospitality; you will be repaid one day.

This is where the story starts…

Stay tuned for part one of The Raging Wind Bring Treasure!

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